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Lorenza Minghetti

I’m Karen, SEO and Google Ads expert who’s passionate about helping small business owners become online superstars using strategic and targeted SEO.

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Lorenza Minghetti

Lorenza is Zella DC's Head of Corporate Communications. 

Lorenza holds a degree in Languages and a Masters Degree in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. Originally from Italy, she has studied and developed her career in the UK and Australia. 

Lorenza has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, public relations and visual communication and has worked in a variety of roles, in agencies, in-house and as a freelancer.

A Guide to B2B Social Media Strategies

Social media provides a critical marketing tool for both B2B and B2C. While the most usual aim for the latter is to generate sales, the ethos behind B2B social media is somewhat more complex. Successful social content for businesses targeting other businesses is very different from channelling customers down