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I’m Karen, SEO and Google Ads expert who’s passionate about helping small business owners become online superstars using strategic and targeted SEO.

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Google’s Helpful Content Update: What it Means for SEO November 7, 2022

Google’s Helpful Content Update came with a lot of fanfare and now that roll-out is complete, let’s take a look at what this latest algorithm change means for SEO. In recent times, Google has really stepped up its efforts to improve the quality of its search results.  Its stated aim is to deliver the most relevant, most

It’s Not Too Late to Learn How to Do Your Own SEO November 3, 2022

DIY has always been a business owner’s strength, so what’s stopping you from doing your own SEO? There’s nothing to fear about DIY SEO.  It’s easier and more affordable than you think and you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve for your business. This article explains the basics of SEO and tells you

Why You Need More Than Just Keywords For Successful SEO October 31, 2022

Yes, keywords play a significant part in helping your business get found online by your target market, but there’s more to successful SEO than just keywords. Don’t get me wrong, doing comprehensive keyword research and knowing how and where to use them in your online content is huge in terms of your digital visibility

How Do I Know What My SEO Agency Is Doing? October 24, 2022

For some business owners, SEO is a mysterious unknown space.  Others are more motivated to understand how Google operates and how the search engine rankings work.  Whichever camp you’re in, if you have an SEO agency, you’ll be interested in this article which tells you where to look to see how they’re

Why SEO Is Important for Your Business October 19, 2022

If your business goals include expanding your customer base, widening your sphere of influence, strengthening your reputation and improving your revenues, it will be harder to achieve these without a solid commitment to search engine optimisation. To compete successfully online, businesses need to invest in

What Is Search Intent? October 17, 2022

Search intent relates to the ‘why’ of a search query.  What motivated a person to enter a particular phrase into Google?  What do they want to achieve?  What’s the purpose behind their search?  There’s always a reason why a person types a specific term into a search engine, and it’s known as ‘search intent’.

Why Does SEO Take So Long? October 10, 2022

Are we there yet? That familiar cry from impatient youngsters on a car journey could easily come from a business owner on an SEO journey.  Both need patience and time to get to the destination but the end result will be worth the wait! SEO is a slow burn and, in many instances, it can take years for a business to

How To Find Out What Keywords Your Website Ranks For October 3, 2022

Making assumptions about your keywords vs the facts can be the difference between online visibility and online anonymity.  There’s no substitute for the facts.  Surprisingly, Google Search Console is a really useful tool for discovering which keywords your website is actually ranking for and this data is all available

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO September 12, 2022

There are no shortcuts to online visibility. The only way to get found online by the people who will have a positive impact on the success of your business is to make sure you have the right keywords in your web-based content.  It’s as simple as that. And I’m not talking about stuffing keywords everywhere and

Getting Started in SEO for New Businesses September 5, 2022

Starting a new business? First up – kudos to you.  It takes guts to go on your own.  But staying ahead of the game will take more than blood, sweat and tears which is why this article is a must-read for all new business owners. Search engine optimisation (SEO) will determine your online visibility – and for a new

Favourite Tools for Finding Blog Content Ideas August 29, 2022

Got blogger’s block?  Not sure what your audience wants to read? Luckily there are some great tools out there that will help you find great blog content ideas and get your creative juices flowing. The other good news is that of the eight billion daily searches on Google, 15% are new ones.  That’s right, 15% of all

DIY SEO – Getting Your Website Indexed When You First Launch August 22, 2022

Getting your website found on Google should be your number one priority when you launch your new website, this is true whether you just want to rank for your business name, or for keywords that are niche and highly relevant to your business. In fact, attracting organic traffic needs to be the continuous focus of

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