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May 10, 2021

Why I Launched The SEO School

Here’s a fact.  Every single business that has a website wants to improve its site’s rankings in the search pages.

Here’s another fact.  Smart SEO will help any website significantly improve its online visibility and their rankings.

In my 20-plus years working as an SEO specialist in Perth, I’ve learnt that there’s no difference between small or large businesses or local or national ones when it comes to their online presence.  Everyone wants to be found by the people who matter most to them.  Prospective customers.

Whether you’re a tradie operating in a specific local area or a national concern with offices around the country, you want your website to tell – and sell – your story to your target audience.  Search engine optimisation can dramatically improve the performance of any website, but not everyone wants to outsource the work to an SEO specialist.

That’s why I launched The SEO School. 

Over the years, I’ve come across so many instances where a website owner had the time and energy to take on the challenge of doing their own SEO but they simply didn’t know how or where to start.  They wanted to generate leads and grow their online businesses but lacked the skill or confidence to optimise their web pages in order to do this.  Others had quality products or services and a great (but underperforming) website which just needed some targeted tweaks to get it flying.

I knew there was an affordable way to help those website owners take charge and go from being a secret to being SEEN!  And that’s how The SEO School came into being.

What is The SEO School?

The SEO School is a practical, step-by-step DIY course that will help your business get seen and searched for online and which ultimately will help you get more sales from your digital presence.  The SEO world can be quite daunting, but this course has been designed in such a way that it’s really easy to understand and takes the mystery (and misery) out of SEO.

It’s an 8-module course covering all the key aspects of SEO. Participants get hands-on learning at their own pace and implement the various SEO tools and tracking mechanisms as they progress through the course.   There are plenty of my field-tested insider tips and tricks along the way, plus participants have access to ongoing technical and peer support through an exclusive online community.

The SEO School can help you:

  • Optimise your website and your keywords
  • Increase your organic website traffic
  • Get your on-page SEO right so that you show up for the search terms you’re targeting
  • Get Google to love your website
  • Convert your visitors into customers

SEO is my passion and I really want to help business owners to use SEO to get the most from their websites.  This course is a unique and accessible way for people to optimise their websites and learn as they progress through the modules.  Participants put structures and tools in place which they can build on over time, plus they can track their website’s performance as they along and make continual improvements.

If you want to get found online, boost your rankings and grow your business or if your website isn’t performing as well as you think it should, then The SEO School could be the perfect solution.   You can find out all the details at theseoschool.com or get in touch with me, Karen Dauncey, through the website or email at karen@theseoschool.com.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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