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Hey there,

I’m Karen, SEO and Google Ads expert who’s passionate about helping small business owners become online superstars using strategic and targeted SEO.

Do you have a website that’s not performing?
Think of me as your geeky-SEO Queen® who wants to see you go from being the world’s best kept secret, to fully booked and thriving.

Who am I to tell you about SEO?

I’m the founder and director of Blue Cherry Online Marketing, and The SEO School. I’ve been working with websites since Google was still a baby and SEO was the new kid on the block!

When it comes to SEO you can’t beat real experience. Truth is, it takes years to learn the short cuts and industry secrets that I’m going to share with you. After optimising over 700 websites and managing over $1 million a year in Google Ad spend, I have those years of experience (including all the agency secrets SEO consultants don’t want you to know)!

At Blue Cherry, SEO and Google Ads are my bread and butter. I’m optimising websites. Every. Single. Day. Add to this the bits of paper like my Diploma in Marketing (from the Chartered Institute of Marketing), my extensive suite of training and mentoring for Federal and State Government programs (such as ASBAS and SBDC) and the conferences I’ve attended around the world. Trust me when I say, I know SEO.

I am also part owner of the Digital Mums Directory, an online directory to help you find a digital marketing expert or virtual assistant.

Google Partner

Along with my SEO expertise, being a Google Partner means I get asked to speak at conferences such as…

  • Big Digital Adelaide
  • Australian Computer Society
  • The VA Institute
  • Google Partners Hangout
  • Small Business Skills Summit
  • WA Tourism Conference

The SEO Queen®

Over the last two decades, I’ve been on the front line of SEO, field testing best practice with clients large and small. It’s this depth of knowledge that enables me to support you so comprehensively with trusted strategies and practical tools in The SEO School®.

Why The SEO School ®?

I created The SEO School ® because I’ve seen how hard it can be to DIY your SEO alone, from understanding the terminology (I mean, what’s a meta tag when it’s at home!?) to keeping up to date with algorithm changes, it can be a minefield without a guide.

The SEO School ® is here to change all that.

It’s here you’ll learn the simple steps to make SEO work for you whether you’re a local, national and or international business.

My Life beyond SEO

It must sound as if I’m geeking out all day on SEO. Truth is, it’s a big part of my life because I get a thrill seeing people winning on Google, but I created my business to bring me freedom.

Freedom to..

  • Walk on the beach with my dog everyday
  • Take stay-cation breaks with my daughter
  • Kick-back and binge watch plane docos with my son

And I’m guessing that’s why you created your business too?

Freedom is a powerful motivator, and in helping you get found online with my SEO Course, I hope you can take a step closer to finding your definition of freedom.

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