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What Google Accounts Do I Need For My Business?

When managing a website, Google Accounts are your best friend. Using them properly gives you valuable feedback from Google itself about the state of your website and SEO. This feedback will allow you to improve your site and in turn convert more clients, and it is all totally free. All you need is a Gmail account …

6 Things Every Business Website Needs

There’s an online answer for just about everything in this technology-driven world of ours.    We shop.  We look for solutions.  We find services.  We socialise and exercise online.  We educate and entertain ourselves online.  And that’s why it’s virtually unthinkable for a business not to have a website. But there …

Making Sense Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool, and one I would recommend any business owner to use in conjunction with their website. Unfortunately, time and time again I see business owners set up their Google account, open Analytics, and become completely overwhelmed with everything there is to analyse. This is …

How To Maintain Your SEO Results When Your Website Goes Live

Website redesigns are usually fun and exciting; it’s like getting a digital facelift for your business. But if you get it wrong, you can end up losing a lot – especially when it comes to your SEO rankings. This is a common problem which I often come across when new websites go live without being actively …