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I’m Karen, SEO and Google Ads expert who’s passionate about helping small business owners become online superstars using strategic and targeted SEO.

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Guide To Planning A Successful SEO Strategy May 30, 2022

SEO success hinges on a very simple theory.  The more you put in, the more you get out.  If you’re keen on improving your online visibility through higher search engine rankings, the only way you can achieve this over the long-term is by running a well-planned and well-researched SEO campaign. In this article, I’ll

How Do I Upgrade to GA4? May 23, 2022

Upgrading to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is fairly straightforward and it’s not as hard you might think.  You don’t want to risk losing any data by delaying your upgrade and you definitely do want to get the most from all of the new features that it offers.  Slow and steady wins this race. Here’s how to upgrade to GA4

Why You Should Upgrade To GA4 May 16, 2022

There’s been lots of talk about the new version of Google Analytics (GA4) which is seen as the biggest update in the tool’s 15-year history.  In my view, it’s almost like a whole new analytics tool rather than just an upgrade.  It has many exciting new features and extraordinary functionality and is actually quite

Spice Up Your Instagram SEO With These Four Tips May 9, 2022

SEO is not just for websites.  There’s actually a fair bit you can do with your brand’s Instagram profile to boost its discoverability and rank higher in the Insta search results.  Instagram SEO doesn’t cost anything and when it’s done effectively, it can have a significant impact on growing your followers. A higher Insta

Why Guest Posting Is A Great Backlink Strategy May 2, 2022

Given that backlinks are SEO gold and that guest posting is a proven way of accumulating quality backlinks, is there any reason not to make guest posting part of your SEO toolkit? Guest posting has long been one of my favourite SEO tools – and not only because it creates opportunities for backlinks.  Done

7 Things You Must Do After Publishing Your Blog Post April 18, 2022

Think your work is done once you’ve hit the ‘publish’ button for your blog post?  It’s time to think again. Spending a bit of time doing a few extra things after your post has been published can make all the difference to your SEO success. Why you need to work on your blog post after you’ve published it. Writing a

7 Things You Must Do Before Publishing Your Blog Post April 11, 2022

Everyone knows that posting fresh content on your website is important part of SEO, but it can’t be just any content. If there’s one thing that my almost 20 years as an SEO specialist have taught me about content – it’s that quality beats quantity.  Every. Single. Time.   So do you want to know how to take your blog

Can I Use A Competitor’s Trade Mark In My SEO Strategy? April 6, 2022

The field of trade mark law is complex and wide-ranging and many different cases covering a variety of industries, disciplines and contexts have ended up being settled by a court ruling.  But despite all these precedents – and despite the explosive growth in online communications – very few cases involving the

12 Local Citations You Can Use When You’re A Service-Area Business April 4, 2022

If your business is listed as a service-area business on your Google Business Profile and therefore you don’t show your address, can you still build citations? I’m often asked this question, usually by business owners who work from home, and the answer may surprise you. What type of business doesn’t have a

How To Interpret Google Business Profile Insights March 28, 2022

Google Business Profile (GBP) is probably the single most valuable tool for those businesses that rely on their online presence to attract customers. I am a huge advocate of GBP (previously called Google My Business) because it provides an extensive array of important insights.  It’s also customisable, really easy

All You Need To Know About Domain Authority March 21, 2022

No doubt you know a bit about Domain Authority (DA), but if you’re serious about SEO success, knowing about it is not good enough.  You need to do things on your website which improve its domain authority score and boost online visibility.

How To Pick Up SEO After You’ve Neglected Your Site March 14, 2022

Neglecting your website’s SEO is a bit like neglecting your body.  If you don’t look after it properly, you’ll find it can’t do the things it used to.  It’s not as fast, or as nimble.  It’s also not as responsive and it just doesn’t feel or look right, both inside and out. If your website hasn’t been getting the right level of SEO

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